By following these simple steps,

your Wings will stay fresh for many years!

STEP 1: Rinse

drawing of cloth pad and sink with running water

Immediately after use, rinse your Wings with cold water until the water runs clear. Use a little bit of gentle soap or detergent if you like. 

drawing of yellow arrow

OPTION 1: Let your Wings dry

OPTION 2: Soak your Wings

Change the water daily.

reusable cloth pads drying on clothes line
cloth pads soaking in container with water

STEP 2: Wash

Wash your Wings with gentle detergent using cool or warm water.

OPTION 1: Hand Wash

cloth pad with tub of water and detergent

OPTION 2: Machine Wash

drawing of washing machine with bubbles
drawing of laundry basket

You may use a gentle stain remover to get rid of stains. 

Do not use bleach.

Do not use fabric softener, it will make your Wings less absorbent. 

STEP 3: Dry

OPTION 1: Line Dry

five reusable cloth pads drying on clothes line

OPTION 2: Tumble Dry - Low

drawing of clothes dryer with cloth pads inside
drawing of dryer balls


drawing of pink check mark

With good care like this, your Wings will last for many years!