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Cute and comfy reusable menstrual cloth pads for every woman!

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From panty liners for every day wear to overnight and postpartum protection, Padtastic has it all!

Choose your liners and pads from our big assortment of colorful Wings!

Reusable menstrual cloth pad starter set in black

Remember your favorite flannel pajamas? That's how soft Wings feel next to your skin!

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Did you know that throughout your lifetime you will spend about 3,500 days menstruating? That means you will spend a total of 10 years being on your period!

Well, you better get comfy!

Wings are snuggly soft and absorb quickly to leave you with a fresh and dry feeling for all day comfort!


Wings come in 3 different types:




You will love them! Period.

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Delightful Daywear.

Ultra soft and thin pantyliner. Perfect for daily use or spotting.  

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Relax and Re-cycle.

Thin leakproof pantyliner.

Perfect for daily wear or light flow.

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Super comfortable allround protection for your period. Perfect for medium to medium-heavy flow. 

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Every Pad is handmade in Washington State with love and attention to detail! 

what our customers say

“I love that I can eliminate trash and not compromise on absorbency.”

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